North America

While the large population, economic strength, and other positive aspects of the North American market make it very attractive to Japanese and other foreign investors, it is also true that U.S. and other North American legal systems can be very complex and difficult to navigate.  In addition, legal disputes and litigation in such part of the world can often be very time-consuming, costly and unpredictable.  Conversely, North American companies wishing to do business in Japan often find that the Japanese legal system, regulatory structure, business practices, and dispute resolution mechanisms are very different from those in their home countries. 

Therefore, in order to meet the needs of our Japanese and other clients doing business in North America, as well as our North American clients doing business in Japan, our firm has created a North America Practice Group consisting of highly skilled and experienced attorneys.  Our team consists of two U.S.-licensed attorneys who are also Registered Foreign Attorneys in Japan, as well as over ten Japanese attorneys who are licensed in the U.S. and/or have studied and/or worked in the U.S.  Such attorneys practice in numerous specialized fields which are important to Trans-Pacific clients, such as M&A, corporate, finance, intellectual property, employment, litigation, arbitration, commercial transactions, anti-trust, and other areas.  Our attorneys are also able to provide legal advice and services in English, French and other languages.

In addition, because the business and legal environments in North America often require highly specialized and local knowledge, our firm has entered into an official Collaboration with the law firm of Masuda Funai, with offices in both Chicago and Los Angeles.  Like our firm, Masuda Funai has decades of experience in handling Trans-Pacific legal matters and advising many Japanese, U.S. and other clients.  Based upon the combined skill and experience of both firms, as well as their linguistic and cultural fluencies, the Kitahama Partners – Masuda Funai Collaboration is able to provide seamless, efficient, and cost-effective international legal services.






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