Our European legal practice is another area which distinguishes Kitahama Partners from other international law firms.

In the current climate of increasing globalization and diversification of business, Europe maintains its appeal as a major investment destination and market for Japanese companies and, at the same time, the Japan’s mature market continues to attract European companies with its cutting-edge technologies, solid infrastructure, and strong legal system.  Kitahama Partners provides knowledgeable, effective, and cost-efficient legal services, both inbound and outbound, to our clients in order to support their business activities in both Asia and Europe.

Our European Practice Group is led by experienced Japanese and international attorneys who have a good command of not only English and Japanese, but also of French and Czech, and are well-versed in European legal and business practices.  Kitahama Partners’ attorneys combine such collective knowledge and work experience with a close network of highly reputable law firms in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, as well as a number of other European countries, including law firms in Central and Eastern Europe. 

Among the actual cases in which we have provided our clients with legal services, we specifically have handled M&A matters involving Japanese and European companies, contract negotiations, intellectual property matters, issues relating to competition law, cross-border commercial disputes, business expansion into Japan by European companies, and dispute resolution proceedings involving both litigation and arbitration.  In dealing with such wide range of legal matters, our attorneys have become very familiar with local practices, attorneys and languages, and based thereon, have been able to accumulate a great deal of experience and knowledge, which has allowed our firm to successfully provide superior legal services to our clients.

We at Kitahama Partners are committed to providing the highest level of support to our clients in both Japan and Europe with respect to all legal aspects of their businesses so that they can focus on their primary business objectives with confidence and peace of mind.



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