In response to the rapid increase of M&A transactions, our attorneys are dealing with a number of M&A matters on a daily basis. Our firm has thus accumulated extensive experience relating to M&A transactions, and due to the recent increase in the number of corporate takeovers of overseas companies by Japanese companies, our attorneys currently handle numerous outbound M&A transactions, not only in the U.S. and Europe but also in Asian countries. As a result, our attorneys, in addition to drafting many types of agreements in English, frequently conduct negotiations in English relating to various types of M&A-related legal and business practices (e.g., business valuation method, etc.) in the relevant countries. In addition, we have a team of attorneys who are highly knowledgeable and experienced with respect to a broad spectrum of M&A issues, including private equity funding, joint venture formation, takeover bids, and MBO's, regardless of size, both domestic and international. In addition, one specific attribute of our firm's M&A team is its unsurpassed speed. Providing quick responses is essential in time-sensitive M&A matters, and we exert our best efforts to provide our clients with great expertise and efficiency in responding to their needs.

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Dec. 02, 2016
Legal Knowledge Required for Supporting Overseas Expansion(Yasumasa Sakamoto)
Sep. 07, 2016
Key Points on M&A of Unlisted Companies(Toru Miki)
Dec. 08, 2015
The Latest Trend of the Tax Investigation, and Key Point for the Business Operation in Vietnam based on Labor Laws and Update of the Important Relevant Laws.(Yasumasa Sakamoto)

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Legal practice for small and mid-sized businesses – Linkage between the Corporate Law and the Labor Law(Jun Kawanami)
Law and Practice regarding Merger(Akihito Taniguchi)
Reconsideration of and Way to Withdraw from Business conducted in China and Points to be Noted(Maki Shimoji)

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Dec. 21, 2018
The Trend of Law Amendment Involved in the Reorganization of University (Flash Report)(Wataru Nakamori, Keiko Horino, Yusuke Takaoka, Takayuki Sato)
Dec. 11, 2018
Business Failure of Private University – Consideration of Civil Rehabilitation Proceedings(Wataru Nakamori, Keiko Horino, Yusuke Takaoka, Takayuki Sato)
Dec. 07, 2018
Succession Between Relatives – The Use of Class Shares(Wataru Nakamori, Kosuke Ikeno, Haruka Otaki)

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Aug. 24, 2017
An article written by Akihito Taniguchi titled “Law and Practice regarding Merger” has been published by Chuokeizai-sha.
Sep. 08, 2016
Toru Miki gave a lecture entitled “Key Points on M&A of Unlisted Companies” at a M&A seminar sponsored by the Wakaba Management & Accounting on September 7, 2016.
Sep. 06, 2016
BUSINESS LAWYERS published an article by lawyers Shunsuke Yabuuchi and Jun Kawanami titled "Key Points on M&A Regulations in Regard to Recent Trends on Philippine Competition Act - Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR)”.