In consideration of recent increasingly complex laws for the regulation of securities markets, including Japan's Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and listing rules, it has become vital for listed companies to receive professional advice based upon expert knowledge and experience with respect to financing and capital markets (for example, allocation of shares or stock acquisition rights to a third party, or bond issuance) as well as executing corporate decisions (for example, takeover bids, or stock repurchases). Furthermore, in the event that a listed company becomes involved in a corporate scandal relating to disclosure, insider trading or corporate accounting, such company must react to the specific risks associated therewith, such as penalties or delisting, in a prompt and precise manner. Our firm is prepared to provide the highest standard of legal services to our clients with respect to these matters, and our services include the drafting of contracts, disclosure documents and written opinions, as well as legal research and counseling, provided by a group of experts led by attorneys of our firm who have experience working at the Tokyo Stock Exchange and Osaka Securities Exchange, where they engaged in examination and planning at the front lines of top securities markets. In addition, in order to revitalize emerging markets, our firm actively supports venture companies with respect to initial public offerings.

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Dec. 02, 2016
Corporate Governance of Listed Companies                                ~Focusing on Corporate Governance Code~(Toru Miki)
Jul. 13, 2016
Corporate Governance and Internal Control that should be Established for IPO(Toru Miki)
Nov. 19, 2015
On Exemptions from Insider Trading Regulations: Honing in on the "Contracts and Plans Made Before Awareness" portion of the Amended Cabinet Office Ordinances(Toru Miki)

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Virtual Money and Legal Corporate Affairs(Wataru Nakamori, Shunsuke Yabuuchi, Keiko Horino, Yosuke Yamaguchi, Michishige Hashimoto, Ryosuke Naka, Takanori Nakajima, Shuhei Ueda)
The Latest Guidebook to Financial Instruments and Exchange Law(Yoshihiro Hara)
Legal Practice of Virtual Money 〔Second Edition〕(Wataru Nakamori, Shunsuke Yabuuchi, Akihito Taniguchi, Keiko Horino, Toshiaki Sano, Ryosuke Naka, Shinya Ota, Jun Kawanami, Yusuke Takaoka, Koji Tomimoto)

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Mar. 27, 2013
“Notes on Stock Exchange’s Dealing with Allocation of New Shares to a Third Party”(Yoshihiro Hara, Yosuke Yamaguchi)

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Aug. 06, 2014
Michishige Hashimoto spoke about “Legal Strategies and Measures for the IPO” at the 33rd Deloitte Tohmatsu IPO Conference