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Intellectual Property


Apr. 14, 2017
The Future Direction of Patent Act Revisions and Others, as Indicated in the Report on "Measures to Improve the Intellectual Property Dispute Resolution System in Japan"
Newsletter on Intellectual Property Law, Vol.2

Author etc. : Yujiro ArakawaMasami Akutsu
Practice Areas : Intellectual Property

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Jul. 22, 2014
"The Latest Trend of Laws and Ordinances in China –China’s New Trademark Act Series No. 1 (The New Trademark Act, Chapter 1 "General Provisions")"
Newsletter on International Legal Affairs(China), Vol. 8

Author etc. : Maki Shimoji
Practice Areas : Intellectual PropertyInternational Legal Practice
Apr. 15, 2014
"IT Businesses and Copyrights and Their Outlook"
Newsletter on Intellectual Property Law, Vol. 1

Author etc. : Ayumu IijimaToru Okada
Practice Areas : Intellectual Property