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Keiji Hasebe

Special Counsel / Attorney at Law

Osaka Office

Major Practice Areas
Medical Services
Other Qualifications
Doctor of Medicine


Dr. Keiji Hasebe is an attorney, however, the year 2019 also marks his 19th year as a medical doctor. Dr. Hasebe’s legal practice focuses on the medical industry and ranges from outpatient care to emergency medical care.  In addition, Dr. Hasebe owns and operates his own medical clinic. Utilizing such experience, he handles medical lawsuits as well as various disputes involving patients which arise in connection with hospitals or clinics, the preparation of documents including consent forms and other documentation, the settlement of issues regarding contracts with external parties, labor and employment-related issues, internal administrative issues, and medical accident investigations. Dr. Hasebe has been effectively resolving matters on behalf of clients by understanding and utilizing the realities of the medical field in his legal practice. Moreover, he is able to provide effective legal services to medical institutions throughout Japan.

Dr. Hasebe has also been focusing on the issue of the accountability of doctors and the patient’s right to self-determination, efficient ways to create medical records, and proposing solutions in a way to improve actual medical examinations. He has also been giving seminars, publishing books and writing articles on these topics.

Recent Cases

  • On behalf of a hospital, handling of medical litigation matters
  • Matters regarding the establishment of medical institutions, transfer of business, and replacement of all members of the board
  • Advisory services to a company providing remote medical care and/or provision of advice regarding the Medical Care Act, etc.
  • Litigation involving an internal dispute of an incorporated medical institution and handling of matters regarding gaining supremacy over an incorporated medical institution
  • Performance of duties on behalf of the Managing Director of an incorporated medical institution
  • Other matters including inheritance, divorce of medical personnel, and handling of personal legal matters

Education & Professional Career

Jan 2012 Joined Kitahama Partners
Dec 2011Graduated from the Legal Training and Research Institute of the Supreme Court of Japan; Admitted to practice in Japan
Nov 2010Resigned as Chairperson of Azusa Ryoseikai Futaba Clinic
May 2006Assumed the position of Chairperson of Azusa Ryoseikai Futaba Clinic
Apr 2005Entered Osaka University Law School
Mar 2005Left Osaka Police Hospital
Jun 2003Employed with Osaka Police Hospital
Jun 2000Employed with Sumitomo Hospital
Jun 1999Employed with Osaka University Hospital
Mar 1999Osaka University, Faculty of Medicine

Other Activities

Apr 2017 – PresentAdjunct Professor, Aichi Medical University
Apr 2016 – PresentMember, Ethics Committee, Safety Management Committee and Medical Event Verification Committee, Bell Land General Hospital, Seichokai Social Medical Corporation
Apr 2016 – PresentMember, Ethics Committee, Safety Management Committee and Medical Event Verification Committee, Fuchu Hospital, Seichokai Social Medical Corporation
Apr 2015 – PresentMember, Ethics Committee, Suita Tokushukai Hospital, Okinawa Tokushukai Medical Corporation
Feb 2015 – PresentAdjunct Professor, Faculty of Medicine, Kindai University
Oct 2013 – PresentDeputy Chairman, Souseikai Medical Corporation
Apr 2012 – PresentMember, Medical Safety Committee, Aizenbashi Hospital, Ishii Memorial Aizenen Social Welfare Corporation