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Stephen J. Maddex

Foreign Attorney (Texas, U.S.A.)

Osaka Office

Major Practice Areas
International Practice / International Dispute Resolution (Arbitration, Mediation, and Litigation) / International Practice (Construction) / International Practice (Manufacturing & Retail) / International Practice (Insurance) / North America
English / Japanese


Since graduating from the University of Arkansas School of Law (summa cum laude) and being admitted to the Texas Bar in 1999, Stephen J. Maddex has helped clients (be it large corporations, small businesses, or individuals) in the United States and Canada, as well as in Japan, solve their biggest problems. For approximately 15 years, working as a trial lawyer and litigation specialist at international law firms in the U.S. and Canada, he handled complex civil litigation for a wide variety of clients, including oil companies, financial institutions, government agencies, construction companies, IT companies, insurance companies, and real estate companies, among others. In addition, as a litigator, he handled all aspects of trial work, including written and oral discovery, examining witnesses, appearing in court on motions and oral arguments, while acting as lead counsel in more than 30 trials and arbitrations.

Thereafter, continuing his legal practice in Japan, he acted as in-house counsel for two Japanese companies, where he provided advice regarding a broad array of legal matters, such as those involving corporate law, commercial law, contract law, construction law, tort law, property law, and international conflicts of law, among others. He also assisted with the establishment and management of overseas subsidiaries, the review of litigation risk and risk management, and drafting and negotiating international trade agreements. As he continues helping clients solve their biggest problems, he looks forward to applying the knowledge and experience gained over the years to assist those in need, as well as contributing to the success of Japanese companies doing business overseas.

Recent Cases

  • Represented a major U.S. investment bank in complex securities litigation in the U.S.
  • Represented a U.S. insurance company in litigation in Canada, both at trial and before the Ontario Court of Appeal
  • Appeared as lead counsel in more than 30 trials and arbitrations in Texas and Ontario
  • Represented a shareholder in a lawsuit against a corporation in Canada in a shareholder oppression action
  • Represented U.S. clients in construction, insurance, and real estate disputes
  • Advised governmental agencies in Texas on complex constitutional law matters
  • Advised U.S. and Canadian companies on matters relating to international discovery (including e-discovery).
  • Negotiated and drafted license and loan-out agreements with U.S. celebrities on behalf of a Japanese company
  • Negotiated and drafted non-disclosure and purchase and sale agreements with companies located in Southeast Asia for a Japanese company
  • Advised a Japanese company on the operation of its U.S. subsidiary, as well as matters relating to business development in the U.S.
  • Drafted subcontractor and other agreements for relating to international construction projects for a Japanese company
  • Provided advise relating to U.S. immigration law and visa applications to a Japanese company
  • Provided advise to Japanese companies regarding international dispute resolution and dispute risk management and avoidance

Education & Professional Career

2023Joined Kitahama Partners
2022Employed at Dai Nippon Construction (Tokyo, Japan)
2015Employed at NIWAKA Corporation (Kyoto, Japan)
2013Established the Maddex Law Firm (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
2011Joined Brazeau Seller LLP (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
2008Joined McMillan LLP (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
2001Joined Haynes and Boone LLP (Houston, Texas, U.S.A.)
1999Joined Mayor Day Caldwell & Keeton LLP (Houston, Texas, U.S.A.)
1999Admitted to practice in the State of Texas
1999University of Arkansas School of Law (U.S.A.), (J.D.) (summa cum laude)
1992University of Victoria (Canada), (B.A.)