East Asia

China, Hong Kong and Taiwan

China’s economic position in the world has undergone a significant transformation in recent years. No longer simply a base for low-cost manufacturing, it is now seen both as a manufacturing center with advanced technology and also as an attractive market. Meanwhile, Chinese investments in Japan are also on the rise. As companies have become increasingly globalized, the legal problems faced by companies are not only confined to Japan and China. Often, they extend across national borders into Hong Kong, Taiwan, and other countries in Southeast Asia.

It is difficult to handle cross-border legal issues merely by appointing specialists in each of the countries or regions concerned. For this reason, Kitahama Partners has a China Practice Team, whose main members are attorneys qualified under Japanese law who are fluent in Chinese and English and also attorneys qualified under Chinese law who are fluent in Japanese and English. The China Practice Team mainly handles matters relating to China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. In addition, we have a system for working with attorneys in our firm who have a high degree of expertise in the relevant areas of the law on matters in Japan, and with trustworthy local law firms located in other jurisdictions. This enables the team to provide legal services regarding legal matters in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan that take into account the respective differences in language, law, and culture.

Currently, the China Practice Team provides a variety of legal services for clients not only in Japan, but also China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, in areas such as M&A (legal due diligence, drafting of contracts, etc.), establishment and restructuring of local subsidiaries, contract negotiations between companies, dispute resolution, fraud investigations, and administrative matters.

Major Achievements


Establishment and Restructuring of Local Subsidiaries

Contract Negotiations Between Companies

Dispute Resolution


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