Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia

ASEAN is expected to play a central role in global economic growth in the future. Companies from other regions are actively moving into this region, due to its potential both as a manufacturing center and as a sales market.

Legally, however, in some countries in the region, laws are undeveloped or there is inconsistency and lack of transparency in their implementation. Therefore, the ability to handle matters in countries in this region must be based upon a deep knowledge of and experience with practical matters in each country.

Kitahama Partners was one of the first Japanese law firms to send attorneys to law firms and dispute resolution bodies in major ASEAN countries to gain knowledge about local laws, and to acquire a direct sense of the actual business environment faced by such organizations and by Japanese companies in the region. We have also spent a great deal of time building close cooperative relationships with local law firms, from major to medium-sized offices, covering all areas of the law. This has allowed us to establish a network through which we can offer services that best suit our clients’ needs by selecting the best local law firm for each matter, as well as taking into account the relevant area of law, the degree of risk, budget, and other circumstances.


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