Southeast Asia


Vietnam, with its population of more than 90 million, has achieved stable economic growth in the 25 years since the introduction of its Đổi Mới economic reforms. With its relatively young population and competitive labor costs, combined with its consistent expansion of overseas capital investment since joining the WTO in 2007, Vietnam continues to attract much attention from foreign investors, including Japanese companies.

On the other hand, in addition to the one-party Communist system, and the impact of repeatedly accepting assistance in the development of legislation, Vietnam’s legal system is quite unique, and its dispute resolution system could be considered somewhat underdeveloped. For these reasons, when investing in this country, close collaboration with local law firms is essential.

At Kitahama Partners, a team led by several Japanese attorneys with experience working in Vietnamese law firms works as one with the most appropriate local attorneys for the matter at hand, providing support for our clients’ project development from the very beginning. In particular, we handle a wide range of Vietnam-related matters, including assisting Japanese companies to establish a presence in Vietnam through M&A, joint ventures with Vietnamese companies, technology transfers, and other means, establishment of subsidiaries, commercial agreements, intellectual property strategies, withdrawal, international arbitration and other forms of dispute resolution, and various types of legal research.

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