Antitrust and Competition Law

Antitrust and Competition Law

The provisions of anti-monopoly laws are being strengthened with each passing year, and the Japan Fair Trade Commission has become increasingly active in enforcing such law. As a result, there have been many cases in which substantial fines have been levied against corporations. In addition, with a growing number of countries and regions strictly enforcing competition law on a worldwide scale, it has become essential to approach international transactions in a manner that is mindful of competition law restrictions overseas.

Kitahama Partners has built a strong track record of providing consultation in regard to both domestic and overseas competition law (including the Subcontracting Act and Unjustifiable Premiums and Misleading Representations Act), providing advice on dealing with investigations of suspected violations conducted by authorities, including the Japan Fair Trade Commission and Consumer Affairs Agency, providing representation for internal investigations and claims for lenience, and investigating legal systems and providing advice on notice procedures for obtaining clearance under competition law in M&A cases.

With a strong team of attorneys who have direct experience working at the Japan Fair Trade Commission, we understand the aims and the thinking of regulatory authorities and provide effective communication with the responsible officers, thereby providing advice to ensure that clearance is obtained smoothly under anti-monopoly laws and that investigations by regulatory authorities are handled appropriately. Moreover, it is possible that the number of civil dispute cases in which allegations are raised under anti-monopoly law will increase going forward, and we are able to handle such cases as well.


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