Information Technology

Information Technology

Advancements in IoT (Internet of Things) have led to the emergence of sensor technologies and digital networks, creating an environment where all things can be connected to the Internet. In this field, data accumulated in huge volumes is analyzed using AI and leads to the development and provision of new products, services and business models, as well as the wholesale transformation of every industry these innovations touch. Utilizing IoT for data collection and business activities is an undeniable source of competitive strength for corporations.

At the same time, corporations face growing risks posed by the potential divulgence and outflow of personal information, trade secrets and other data essential for business activities. These dangers can produce huge drops in corporate value and must be aggressively prevented. Kitahama Partners has a wealth of experience in data security and provides sound advice on all aspects thereof.

We provide advice that will minimize the potential damage of any and all corporate crises and scandals, and we offer strong support to ensure risk management and the maintenance of company competitiveness.

But it must also be noted that the protection of personal data has become an issue both in Japan and on a worldwide scale. In particular, corporate data collection beyond national boundaries requires compliance with global regulations related to personal information protection, with one of the most urgent issues being compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This regulation applies to corporations around the world that handle personal information in EU territories, and imposes large fines on offending corporations. Urgent construction of information security systems for global legal/regulatory compliance is thus necessary.

Our firm regularly provides consultation in this area and offers accurate and practical advice for the legal compliance investigations that arise in connection with data mapping and for the construction and reconstruction of governance structures.

We offer a wide range of cutting-edge legal services related to information and AI, thus contributing to the creation of new business, the strengthening of competitiveness, and improved risk management for all of our clients.


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