Venture Capital and IPO’s

Venture Capital and IPO’s

To all start-ups and venture companies: We know that you are burning with energy every day to show the world new technologies and services, and also to spark innovation.

At the same time, we also know that you cannot allocate your precious managerial resources to handling everyday legal problems like fund procurement (capital increases, class shares, etc.), contracts with business partners, global expansion, incentive systems (stock option etc.), or questions about whether new businesses will conflict with existing legal restrictions or require licenses or authorizations. Expert support is indispensable for share listings (IPOs), M&A, and business alliances with other companies.

Kitahama Partners has offices in Tokyo, Osaka and Fukuoka and has built a strong track record supporting numerous start-ups and venture companies in cooperation with securities firms, auditing firms and other relevant institutions, as both legal consultants and advisors for share listings and M&A.

We offer high-speed, high-quality legal services and use every resource at our disposal to support start-ups and venture companies.


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