Our European Practice Group, led by attorneys with extensive experience in Europe-related business and legal matters who can speak English and French, deal with a wide variety of cases. They include an M&A transaction by a French company with cutting-edge technology, a group company M&A transaction by a leading German automobile-related company, including in Japan, arbitration regarding the interpretation of contracts, responses to the Companies Act, and responses to compliance issues, including the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

We devote our utmost efforts to creating an environment in which Japanese companies can concentrate on their business in Europe without feeling burdened by cultural and language differences related to legal matters. To this end, our attorneys, who are well versed in local practices, work with high-quality, dependable local lawyers in Japanese, English and French. In this way, we have put in place systems for the provision of legal services that are accurate, quick, and cost-effective.

With the globalization and diversification of business, Europe is an important market for Japanese companies that are expanding overseas, and there is a growing demand for appropriate legal services. Even with the dramatic advances of Japanese companies in Asia, Japan’s relationships with European countries, both long-standing and new, continue to be important. With the conclusion of an EPA with the EU, these close relationships are expected to continue.

EU laws are particularly important in addition to the laws of individual countries. The scope of EU law is expanding not only in the areas of competition law and intellectual property law, but also in the area of personal information protection through the establishment of the GDPR, and their application to Japanese companies is increasing.


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