The importance of France as a core member of the EU is attracting renewed attention. There are many M&A transactions in which French companies are acquired by companies seeking high-level intellectual property, such as advanced technologies and superior design. France is famous for employment and labor laws that are strict and complex; nonetheless, the inbound investment environment is improving. France also has a reputation for providing a reasonable and comprehensive means of solving disputes, including trials and arbitration. The importance of such forms of dispute resolution will not decrease in the future.

Miyako Ikuta, a Partner of our firm, is an Avocat (French attorney) with more than 20 years of experience. She is also licensed to practice law in New York and Japan and has litigation experience in France. We are thus able to provide one-stop legal services for French legal matters in the French, English and Japanese languages. With our network of connections with multiple French law firms, we cooperate with them on a daily basis in dealing with various legal matters, giving us a wealth of experience to draw on. Please feel free to contact us.