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Yutaka Kiso

Special Counsel / Attorney at Law

Tokyo Office

Major Practice Areas
Corporate / Risk Management and Compliance / Antitrust and Competition Law / Dispute Resolution


In recent times, with respect to corporate risk management, “how to disclose”, rather than “how to conceal”, has become more critical to a company’s success in dealing with corporate scandals.

In order to achieve such purpose, it is vital to identify well-substantiated facts through appropriate investigative procedures; however, if a company does not respect the need for the standardization of proper business practices, its corporate value will deteriorate.

Furthermore, there are companies which are aware of the relevant facts, but they fail to achieve the right timing to disclose such facts because they misunderstand or think little of the effect or impact of such disclosure and end up repeatedly concealing their scandals.

There are only a few attorneys in Japan who are capable of not only theoretical analysis, but also the hands-on practical handling of these types of matters in real time. Kitahama Partners has attorneys who are capable of offering optimum solutions based upon their years of actual experience.

Work Highlights

  • Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, so-called “missing pension” issue
  • Case of falsification of inspection data
  • Case of mislabeling of food
  • Case of large-scale collusion
  • Case of misconduct of individual directors
  • Defense of white collar crime
  • Numerous corporate training, seminars, publication of books, and other matters

Education & Professional Career

Jun 2016 – PresentKitahama Partners, Special Counsel
Jan 2009 – Jun 2016Kitahama Partners, Partner
Jan 2008Joined Kitahama Partners
Apr 2007Transferred to Special Criminal Investigation Division, Kyoto District Public Prosecutors Office (responsible for finance, economy, public safety and labor matters); Held an additional post as Public Prosecutor at Special Investigations Division, Osaka District Public Prosecutors Office
Apr 2005 Transferred to Nara District Public Prosecutors Office (responsible for guidance, vice control, and violence matters)
Apr 2004Transferred to Criminal Investigation Division, Chiba District Public Prosecutors Office (responsible for vice control matters); Held an additional post as public prosecutor at Special Criminal Investigation Division, Yokohama District Public Prosecutors Office
Apr 2003Transferred to Public Trial Division, Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office
Apr 2001Transferred to Sakai Branch, Osaka District Public Prosecutors Office
Jun 2000Transferred to Osaka District Public Prosecutors Office
Apr 2000Appointed to the position of Public Prosecutor at the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office
Mar 2000Graduated from the Legal Training and Research Institute of the Supreme Court of Japan

Other Activities

Jun 2016Managing Director, OHSHO FOOD SERVICE Corporation
Jun 2015Auditor (independent outside auditor), OHSHO FOOD SERVICE Corporation
Aug 2011Chairperson, Nara City Governance Surveillance Committee
Mar 2010Member, Review Team for Normalization of Cable Music Broadcasting Service, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications
Oct 2008Member, Standard Remuneration Retroactive Adjustment Survey Committee, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
May 2008Member, Committee for Impropriety Recurrence Prevention in Construction, Kinki Regional Development Bureau, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
May 2008Supporting lawyer of Ritsumeikan University, Suzaku Campus