Southeast Asia


Thailand has a population of around 70 million. It has a leading position even among those Southeast Asian nations that are achieving remarkable growth. Also, as typified by the long-standing friendship between the Thai royal family and Japan’s Imperial family, the Thai people have very friendly feelings toward Japan. Bangkok now has more expatriate Japanese residents than any other city, and the number of Japanese companies located there is also believed to be highest anywhere outside Japan. Thailand’s Board of Investment also has a carefully-crafted investment incentive program and Thailand occupies an important position as a foothold into Southeast Asia.

In this way, Thailand is continuing to attract attention from Japanese investors, but this does not mean that the nation has completely opened its doors to foreign investors, including those from Japan. It places particularly stringent restrictions on the service industry through the Foreign Business Act and other legislation.

As such, Kitahama Partners’ team, led by Japanese attorneys with experience working in major law firms in Thailand, provides full support for the development of business in Thailand. In particular, we handle an extensive range of Thai-related matters, including assisting Japanese companies to establish a presence in Thailand through M&A, joint ventures with Thai companies, and other means, as well as setting up subsidiaries, commercial agreements, withdrawal, dispute resolution, and various types of legal research.

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