Southeast Asia


Indonesia has the largest population in Southeast Asia (approximately 250 million; 4th largest in the world in 2017). Not only is it an extremely large market among the Southeast Asian nations, its vast land area contains an abundance of natural resources. Against a backdrop of steady economic growth, it continues to attract attention from investors.

Indonesia, which remains a giant presence among the Southeast Asian nations, initially adopted an open policy toward foreign investment after the Asian currency crisis in 1997, but since then, its stance has not been very consistent, sometimes tightening regulation, only to later change its position by relaxing some of those restrictions. Certain protectionist restrictions also remain in place, so when Japanese companies want to invest in Indonesia, a meticulous approach that takes into account local laws and business practices is needed.

As such, the Kitahama Partner team, led by Japanese attorneys with experience working in major law firms in Indonesia, provides full support for the development of business in Indonesia. In particular, we handle an extensive range of Indonesian legal matters, including assisting Japanese companies to establish a presence in Indonesia through M&A, joint ventures with Indonesian companies, and other means, as well as setting up subsidiaries, commercial agreements, withdrawal, dispute resolution, and various types of legal research.

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