East Asia

South Korea

South Korea is Japan’s geographic neighbor and, economically, it has long been one of Japan’s major trading partners. In addition to the expansion of trade and investment between the two nations in recent years, there has also been an increase in collaboration between Japanese and Korean companies in third countries to win contracts for plant construction and to develop resources. With these kinds of collaborations, the economic relationship between the two nations is becoming extremely close, and they are becoming vital partners.

Legally, South Korean law has been influenced by Japanese law in many aspects, making many parts of it easier to understand than the laws of other countries. However, there are also certain problems presented by laws, regulations, and business customs that are unique to South Korea, as well as language issues. For this reason, just as it is in other countries, it is important to partner with local law firms in South Korea to handle South Korean matters.

Kitahama Partners has built up extensive personal and professional networks with South Korean law firms and legal professionals, and we are able to offer services to meet our clients’ needs.