India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka


In India, the population currently exceeds 1.3 billion and is expected to overtake China and become the world’s largest in the near future. India has also achieved remarkable economic development since pursuing an economic liberalization policy in the 1990s. As a result, it is now seen as the most promising market for the world’s companies, including Japanese businesses, and this trend is likely to become even stronger into the future. On the other hand, the fact remains that developing a business in India could certainly not be described as a simple task. The reasons for this vary, including some very complex regulations that still remain in force, differences in culture, customs, traditions, negotiating tactics, and inconsistency in the quality of Indian attorneys.

Kitahama Partners’ India Practice Team, led by Japanese attorneys with experience working in major Indian accounting and law firms, provides full support for the development of business in India. We have also established strong networks with a number of local Indian law firms, supporting Japanese companies by partnering with the best local firm for the size and nature of the matter at hand. In particular, we have abundant experience in Indian matters, including assisting Japanese companies to establish a presence in India through M&A, joint ventures with Indian companies, and other means, as well as setting up subsidiaries, commercial agreements, withdrawal, dispute resolution, and conducting various types of legal research.

Major Achievements


Joint Ventures

Establishment and Restructuring of Local Subsidiaries, Technological Support Agreements, Etc.


Dispute Resolution

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