India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka


With its abundant, inexpensive labor force, Bangladesh has started to attract attention as a potential location for “China Plus One” strategies in recent years, with many Japanese companies already establishing a presence there. Many of the Japanese companies operating in Bangladesh are involved in apparel and textiles, but many other industries are also represented, including electrical and electronic components, logistics, IT services, pharmaceuticals, and food products. Bangladesh has a population in excess of 160 million and continued stable economic growth. After the BRICs, it is expected to achieve even further growth in the future as one of the NEXT 11 nations slated to have high potential to grow into one of the 21st century’s economic superpowers.

Bangladesh’s legal system is basically inherited from the British legal system, so it is significantly different from Japanese law and that of other states with continental law systems. Problems such as local laws and regulations, commercial practices and language also pose problems, so it is important to partner with local law firms to handle legal matters in Bangladesh.

Kitahama Partners has an extensive network of law firms and legal professionals in Bangladesh, and has systems in place to respond to our clients’ diverse needs.