Corporate Litigation

The field of corporate litigation encompasses a diverse range of proceedings, including provisional dispositions and lawsuits seeking injunctions against the issuance of new stock, litigation disputing flawed shareholders meeting resolutions, action for invalidation of organizational restructuring, litigation related to director status, and litigation concerning shareholder rights. In addition, a single type of litigation can present widely different circumstances between listed companies and closely-held companies. Our firm has a wealth of experience and knowledge in corporate litigation, which we use to guide our many clients to successful outcomes.

To give one example: recent published precedent cases overseen by Kitahama Partners include one “case disputing whether, at a listed company, there was a procedural flaw in a general shareholders’ meeting in which notice to individual shareholders was not given by eight weeks prior to said meeting and a shareholder proposal was not debated (general shareholders’ meeting resolution rescission lawsuit)” (Hanrei Jihō, no. 2146, p. 135, etc.). This decision has since become a leading case providing guidelines for a point of dispute concerning the appropriate handling of general shareholders’ meetings, which had previously been unclear.