Employment & Labor

Employment and labor issues are an unavoidable part of conducting business. The pharmaceutical industry is no exception. In particular, in addition to office workers and factory workers, pharmaceutical companies employ medical representatives (MR) who call on doctors and medical institutions to provide and gather information related to pharmaceuticals. Attorneys need to have an ample understanding of the unique aspects of pharmaceutical companies when offering legal advice on labor issues.

Given the strong requirements for compliance placed on pharmaceutical companies due to the nature of their industry, they need to address problems caused by their employees promptly and appropriately. Mergers and acquisitions and organizational restructuring are common in the pharmaceutical industry. Prompt, appropriate handling of the human resources aspects after such acquisitions and mergers is essential to the smooth transition of business.

Kitahama Partners provides practical legal advice based on the actual circumstances of our pharmaceutical clients through attorneys who have served on temporary assignment as in-house counsel in the human resources legal departments playing a central role. Some attorneys at our firm have experience working at international pharmaceutical companies (both in their Japanese subsidiaries and overseas headquarters). We are thus able to provide legal advice on human resources and employment issues in English to our foreign clients.