Corporate Governance

2015 has been called “year one for corporate governance reform” due to the institution of the Corporate Governance Code and other regulations, and since that year, listed companies in Japan have faced rapid transformations in their corporate practices, including growing momentum for corporate governance reform, the election and voluntary nomination of independent outside directors, and the establishment of compensation advisory committees.

Kitahama Partners has built a strong track record in the field of corporate governance by, among other activities, giving advice regarding the construction and operation of internal governance systems. We have recently been engaged in a wide range of legal support and advisory services, including in regard to transitions to a company with audit and supervisory committees, voluntary nomination and operation of compensation advisory committees, reform of officer compensation, including shareholder compensation, and evaluation of the effectiveness of boards of directors.

In addition, many of our attorneys have been appointed as external directors or auditors, have served on corporate compliance committees, or have otherwise been involved as parties in the construction of corporate governance systems.