General Shareholders’ Meetings

Support and advice for the execution of general shareholders’ meetings and other corporate formalities are a traditional service in the field of corporate law. Our firm has a strong track record in this field, including in the conduct of annual shareholders’ meetings for our listed company clients.

Specifically, in addition to providing advice for the operation of and for officers’ duty to explain the relevant issues in ordinary general shareholders’ meetings, dealing with legal revisions or practical developments, and reviewing documents related to general shareholders’ meetings, we have a wide range of experience and achievements in handling emergency shareholders’ meetings in cases where there have been shareholder proposals or motions of amendment by major shareholders including “vocal shareholders (activists)” and founding families, where proxy battles or similar issues have emerged.

In particular, for shareholder proposals, amendment motions, proxy battles and the like, there are many points of dispute that must be kept in mind from a practical standpoint, and the failure to carry out procedures correctly can result in the rescission of general shareholders’ meeting resolutions or otherwise escalate into situations that cannot be undone. Our strong track record in these areas enables us to provide clear advice to clients struggling with such issues.