Joint Ventures

Recent years have seen, in conjunction with the increasingly active overseas expansion of Japanese corporations, a growth in opportunities for the proactive utilization of joint ventures to ensure compliance with foreign investment restrictions under local laws, and to utilize contacts and knowledge at local corporations, when companies expand domestically and abroad.

When assembling a joint venture, it is necessary not only to have knowledge of the relevant legal restrictions, etc., but, in cases of minority investment or the like, to strategically handle, on the basis of practical experience, the construction of governance systems that will enable involvement in the decision-making process and allow for the exercise of veto power over specific matters through regular reporting of information related to target company operations, the prevention of competitive conduct and divulgences of confidential information by joint venture partners, and the method of dissolution of the joint venture.

Our firm is able, on the basis of knowledge accumulated through involvement with joint ventures in various industries in Japan and abroad, to provide comprehensive advice concerning issues at all stages of a joint venture, from the negotiations for agreements related to structuring of the venture to the handling and elimination of operational problems.

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