Insider Trading Restrictions

A certain number of insider trading incidents are exposed each year, and recently there have been many cases of insider trading which are different from those in the past, including violations of the Information Transmission/Transaction Recommendation Restrictions, creating a need for awareness of trends in the practical operations of law enforcement authorities. In addition, listed companies are required to construct systems for the prevention of insider trading in accordance with listing rules, etc., and must handle these matters in accordance with legal amendments and practice trends.

Our firm has thoroughly studied these recent trends, and on the basis of their experience as examiners during secondment to securities exchanges, our attorneys conduct investigations in cases where insider trading is at issue, provide advice as to the appropriate response when there has been an inquiry from a government authority or securities exchange, review the implementation of internal training and information control/trading control systems, and otherwise provide support for the construction and operation of insider trading prevention systems. Our firm also provides advice on approaches to insider trading risk management when our clients carry out financing and corporate actions on securities exchanges.