Restructuring and Insolvency

Restructuring and Insolvency

While economic activity is underway, changes in the surrounding environment inevitably create situations where corporations and individuals face economic hardship. In such cases, the interests among the many related parties, including the corporation or individual facing economic hardship as well as their employees, creditors and business partners, must be coordinated, and it is essential that reconstruction or smooth liquidation be carried out with fairness and transparency.

Possible methods of restructuring or liquidation include legal bankruptcy proceedings such as civil rehabilitation, corporate reorganization, bankruptcy and special liquidation, and today have expanded to include out-of-court restructuring that utilizes out-of-court restructuring guidelines, turn-around ADR, the Small and Medium-Sized Business Rehabilitation Support Co-operative, the Regional Economy Vitalization Corporation of Japan (REVIC), special arbitration, and other similar mechanisms.

Kitahama Partners has a strong track record and a wealth of knowledge in regard to all of these methods, and has thoroughly familiarized itself with cutting-edge legal theory and practice by participating in various study groups; we offer wide-ranging support in these areas by devising optimal policies for our clients. In addition, our firm is home to many attorneys with expertise in M&A, finance, intellectual property, labor and other areas. We assemble teams of attorneys with specialized knowledge in accordance with the particular circumstances of each case, and in international bankruptcy cases, we have a strong track record of handling such matters by utilizing a network of law firms overseas.

In addition, in the fields of business revitalization and bankruptcy, it is essential to ensure cooperation among attorneys and specialists such as public accountants, tax accountants, and consultants. Our firm has built relationships that facilitate swift responses by mobilizing our network of specialists.

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