Restructuring and Insolvency

Out-of-Court Restructuring

In the process of business revitalization, it is essential to avoid damage to business. In recent business revitalization cases, the trend has been in favor of out-of-court restructuring, which can minimize damage to business because it allows protection of the full amount of commercial trading debts and is a non-public procedure.

At Kitahama, we utilize the knowledge we have cultivated in the business revitalization field through the many cases we have handled since our founding, and we have been actively involved in out-of-court restructuring procedures, regardless of whether they are out-of-court restructuring procedures under the relevant regulations (turn-around ADR, the Small and Medium-Sized Business Rehabilitation Support Cooperative, the Regional Economy Vitalization Corporation of Japan (REVIC), special arbitration, etc.) or completely out-of-court restructuring procedures. We implement the method that is best suited to the revitalization of the business in question, without being overly reliant on bankruptcy proceedings.