Restructuring and Insolvency

Bankruptcy/Special Liquidation

Our firm has a strong track record in the field of bankruptcy and special liquidation. For bankruptcies of large corporations with locations nationwide or corporations with many creditors, our talented personnel and three-office system with locations in Osaka, Tokyo and Fukuoka allow us to bring about swift and appropriate proceedings.

Currently, against a backdrop of economic recovery and the flourishing of out-of-court restructuring, there has been a decline in bankruptcy cases; however, bankruptcy cases where the party declaring bankruptcy carries significant liabilities, and where all creditors of such party are treated equally under the authority of a court or an administrator in bankruptcy, still carry major social significance.

In bankruptcy cases, both when we handle petitions for commencement of bankruptcy proceedings as a petitioner’s representative and when we handle bankruptcy in administration as an administrator in bankruptcy, the proceedings demand: (i) rapid processing; (ii) appropriate judgment and decision-making backed by experience and a strong track record; and (iii) (particularly in large-scale cases) dynamic responsiveness not constrained by regional boundaries. Specifically, there are many areas where adequate judgment and decision-making are not achieved simply by researching theoretical justifications and case law, and in those areas, knowledge cultivated over many years and cooperation with related parties is indispensable. Our firm has handled many bankruptcy cases of all sizes and has built a strong base of knowledge, backed by trust from courts that we have built over many years.

In addition, we conduct regular study groups in bankruptcy/business revitalization among members from all of our branches, deepen our knowledge and experience by studying recent case law and documents, and widely share knowledge gained through the cases we have handled in the past. Furthermore, we employ a three-office system and a team of administrators in bankruptcy, allowing us to respond effectively in large cases.