Intellectual Property

Patents/Utility Models

Patent rights and utility model rights are IP rights related to inventions and designs produced through development activities supported by substantial corporate funding. They are also assets that, through registration, make it possible to gain an advantage over one’s competition by obtaining exclusive rights in regard to such inventions and designs, and are considered extremely important for the conduct of business.

In addition, recent years have witnessed the proactive expansion of joint research and development between corporations and academia or among multiple corporations, making it essential that the associated rights be secured appropriately and arrangements be made allowing their utilization.

Our firm has consistently provided practical advice necessary for the appropriate registration of rights, protection, and utilization of our clients’ technologies and ideas. We have built a strong track record handling agreements related to licenses, technology transfers, joint research and joint development, as well as other agreements or transactions related to patents and utility models. In addition, we have considerable experience in handling negotiations, litigation, mediation, and other disputes related to infringement, and we have also handled many invalidation proceedings. In addition, we have been successful in handling international transactions and dispute resolution in relation to patents and utility models, as well as consultation in regard to such international cases.

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