Intellectual Property


The appropriate control and protection of trademarks and brands is essential in business for distinguishing a company’s products and services from those of other companies, and for realizing effective publicity.

Our firm has provided practical advice necessary for the appropriate control, protection and utilization of trademark rights in various industries, both to corporations that already own prominent brands and trademarks for products and services and also to clients seeking to establish brands or trademarks for products or services. We have also handled many license agreements, assignments of rights, and similar transactions, and we have considerable experience handling negotiation, litigation, mediation and other disputes related to trademark infringement. In addition, the globalization of business has created a growing need for international responsiveness, including the appropriate management, protection, and utilization of trademarks and brands overseas, as well as international anti-counterfeiting. We have a strong track record in dealing with transactions and dispute resolution both domestically and overseas.