Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property Disputes

Our firm has built a strong track record handling litigation and provisional dispositions for injunctions against the infringement of intellectual property rights, including patent rights, trademark rights, copyrights and claims under the Unfair Competition Prevention Act, as well as invalidation trials and lawsuits for reversal of trial decisions concerning patent rights, trademark rights, and the like. The cases we have handled include groundbreaking precedents that have been reported in the media.

Our firm is also home to many attorneys who have experience being seconded to government agencies or working in the Intellectual Property High Court, attorneys who have worked as supervising judges in the intellectual property divisions of courts, and many other attorneys with specialized knowledge and experience in IP fields. This team of legal specialists allows us to provide practical support for dispute resolution. We are also home to many attorneys with substantial experience overseas and have assembled an extensive network with law firms in various countries, through which we have built a strong track record handling dispute resolution for intellectual property overseas. When we handle international disputes, we are able to identify local law firms appropriate to our clients’ needs and handle dispute resolution in partnership with those law firms.