Intellectual Property

Art Law

The international art scene is experiencing rising demand for legal services related to not only intellectual property rights, but also transaction security and dispute resolution for high-value artworks.

In Europe and America, legislation has been implemented to provide redress for Holocaust survivors, and there have been many cases in which Holocaust survivors have asserted rights to demand restoration of art against the legal owners of such art. In connection with artworks, our firm has been active in handling risks and disputes that cannot be fully addressed with insurance.

High-value artworks are frequently displayed overseas and are transferred and lent worldwide. Transactional security for such artworks has thus become increasingly important, and the importance of policy protections for artworks, such as cultural property protection, has been on the rise as well. For these reasons, a growing number of cases have emerged in which multiple rights-holders have each asserted their rights in relation to a single artwork. Our experienced attorneys can mobilize networks of expert attorneys in many relevant countries to provide sophisticated legal services in relation to the unusual and complex transactions and disputes in which artworks often become entangled.