Employment and Labor

Human Resources and Labor Affairs, Individual Labor Disputes (Litigation, Labor Tribunal Decisions)

Our firm’s attorneys possess wide-ranging experience and skill in providing legal support and advice in regard to disciplinary action involving employees, HR systems, including working hours management and payment system structuring, treatment of employees in connection with reinstatement after leave or restructuring, and the handling of disputes related to disciplinary action, dismissals, workforce reshuffling, and overtime pay claims.

Problems related to employment issues have an impact on all employees and, if handled incorrectly, can lead to organizational dysfunction and declining employee motivation. Furthermore, if an issue progresses to the dispute stage, the company’s response and the final resolution of the dispute can become a source of concern for all employees.

Our firm provides legal advice to clients in various industries and fields, and brings our legal knowledge to bear in striving to prevent disputes by recommending actions tailored to the company’s circumstances, in consideration of both the environment in which the company operates as well as societal trends. In addition, when disputes do arise, we strive for their appropriate resolution through actions backed by a wealth of legal knowledge and experience.