Employment and Labor

Interaction with Labor Unions, Collective Bargaining Disputes (Labor Relations Commissions, Disputes, etc.)

Collective bargaining with labor unions is a matter that cannot be avoided when corporations execute labor-management agreements with labor unions or otherwise engage with labor unions. In addition, if collective bargaining by labor unions is rejected without a valid reason, a labor union member is treated adversely because of being a union member, or other unfair labor practices as set forth in the Labor Union Act are committed, the labor union will petition for redress to a labor relations commission and it will become necessary to engage in labor relations commission proceedings. Furthermore, in recent years there have been many cases of labor unions informing the media of bad-faith conduct on the part of corporations. Thus, a company’s approach to engagement with labor unions can risk causing major damage to corporate value.

Our firm has an extensive track record in union-related matters, including attending collective bargaining sessions with labor unions and interacting with labor relations commissions. This experience allows us to provide a wide range of advice and support for interactions with labor unions.