Employment and Labor

Labor and Employment Services in M&A/Corporate Restructuring Fields

Due diligence of target companies is indispensable in M&A and corporate restructuring, but when viewed from a labor standpoint, experience with labor and employment disputes is no less essential than experience with due diligence for evaluating the efficacy of amendments to past employment rules, determining whether there are issues with unpaid wages, and appropriately estimating the scale of such problems. In addition, support with respect to procedures required under law for M&A and corporate restructuring, as well as wide-ranging knowledge in regard to handling post-deal employment rules amendments, have become necessities.

Our firm has considerable experience with M&A and corporate restructuring and addresses labor-related issues by assembling appropriate teams of attorneys with deep knowledge of labor and employment disputes, thus allowing us to provide multi-faceted and effective support from the due diligence stage to well beyond the conclusion of the deal.