Employment and Labor

Labor and Employment Compliance Investigations, Internal Training/Seminars

The term “labor and employment compliance investigation” has many meanings, but most commonly refers to the comprehensive investigations required in listing examinations, or the fact-finding investigations that are necessary when harassment or other events posing problems for human resource management have arisen.

Labor and employment compliance investigations for listing examinations vary depending on the market in which the company is listed, but typically require a comprehensive investigation conducted over a short period. Our firm has a strong track record dealing with listing examinations, and is thus able to mobilize our knowledge of due diligence and compliance investigations for M&A and corporate restructuring so as to ascertain the level of investigation required for the listing examination, and to deal flexibly and effectively with those requirements by appropriately setting the scope and method of the investigation.

Likewise, in regard to labor and employment compliance investigations required for fact-finding when harassment or other problematic events have arisen, particularly in cases of sexual harassment or maternity harassment, the guidelines under the Equal Employment Opportunity Law require swift and accurate verification of the facts as well as a rapid and appropriate response after the fact, and when these events are ignored despite the company’s awareness of the relevant signs, the company itself can be held liable.

Our firm can assemble a team on a scale appropriate to the client’s request and provide speedy and one-stop legal services, from the fact-finding investigation through any required follow-up actions. Furthermore, our experienced attorneys can handle requests for any internal training or seminars that are held as part of prevention policy.