Building Defects

Building defects are directly linked to the safety of the building. After a succession of problems that could be described as scandals in recent years, laws and regulations, as well as court proceedings, have undergone a major transformation over the last fifteen years or so. There are also cases in which a single major building defect destroyed the trust that a company had built up over many years until that point.

In problems related to building defects, the key to success lies in: (1) knowledge and experience regarding building defects; (2) collaboration with experts; and (3) the early selection of appropriate solutions.

In the courts as well, there has been rapid progress in the accumulation of expertise and analysis of cases, particularly among specialist mediators. There is a need, therefore, to respond to these changes and the growing complexity of court practices.

We have developed detailed knowledge in the latest court practices through workshops with clients, various seminars, and exchanges with experts who have experience as specialist mediators regarding building defects. We form expert teams that are constantly devising early, appropriate solutions for each type of dispute.