Fire, Water Leaks, and Theft

The reality of business is that, in the course of corporate activities, fire, water leaks, and theft can sometimes be unavoidable. In the event of such an accident, the initial response is of particular importance. This includes going to the site of the accident promptly to check the situation and the extent of the damage, as well as gathering site drawings and other related documentation, and making inquiries to and gathering documentation from the police, fire department, and other relevant organizations. It is also necessary to determine whether or not there has been negligence and calculate the value of the damage based on objective data. When doing so, it may be necessary to seek the opinions of technical experts such as architects.

Our firm has a wealth of experience as a legal advisor to non-life insurance companies, as well as representing business operators in accidents involving fire, water leakage, and theft. We have also accumulated extensive experience over many years in the early and appropriate resolution of disputes. We also hold regular workshops with non-life insurance companies to study and exchange information on the latest court cases and business practices. In cooperation with technical experts, we have established systems that enable us to handle all types of cases.

Furthermore, even if the parties to the accident are legal entities that exist outside Japan, namely overseas business enterprises or foreign nationals, we have systems in place for responding based on local laws and practices in collaboration with our in-house attorneys who specialize in international legal affairs and with local law firms in the relevant countries and regions.