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Hiroaki Yoshida

Partner / Attorney at Law / Representative Partner of Tokyo Office

Tokyo Office

Major Practice Areas
Restructuring and Insolvency / Mergers & Acquisitions / Finance / Corporate
Other Practice Areas
Capital Markets / Real Estate / Tax / Dispute Resolution


Hiroaki Yoshida specializes in corporate matters, especially business revitalization and restructuring. He has been dealing with various types of corporate issues and providing solutions to clients by balancing the interests of various stakeholders. He is capable of providing advisory services focused on overall management in financial restructuring through restructuring-type private liquidation and legal liquidation, corporate or business restructuring, such as through M&A, company splits and business transfers, various types of finance through debt and equity, and other strategic approaches relating to business growth and development, as well as measures to address day-to-day legal issues and resolution of disputes and corporate scandals.

Work Highlights

Private liquidation matters for leading Japanese enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises (various types of manufactures and enterprises providing various services, including distribution, real estate, transportation, and IT services)
Public liquidation and legal liquidation matters (involving M&A, corporate or business restructuring and various types of financing)

Practice Areas

Comprehensive strategic advice on business revitalization, restructuring, growth and development in accordance with the below, the provision of advice in relation to corporate disputes and scandals, and day-to-day advice to prevent disputes and scandals from arising

  • Business restructuring (M&A and business withdrawal through mergers, holding company structures, company splits, business transfers and acquisitions, and transfer and acquisition of equity)
  • Financial restructuring (restructuring-type private liquidation through REVIC procedures, business revitalization, ADR, secondary corporation method, and legal liquidation, such as by civil rehabilitation or corporate rehabilitation)
  • Capital restructuring (M&A, such as through funds, establishment of various acquisition finance and other methods, and advice in relation to various contracts and laws)
  • Corporate governance restructuring (advice under the Companies Act and listing regulations, etc.)

Education & Professional Career

Jan 2019 – PresentKitahama Partners, Representative Partner
Jan 2007 – PresentKitahama Partners, Partner
Apr 2006Joined Kitahama Partners
Jun 2003Employed at the Industrial Revitalization Corporation of Japan (IRCJ)
Apr 2000Admitted to practice in Japan; Employed at a law firm
Mar 2000Graduated from the Legal Training and Research Institute of the Supreme Court of Japan
Mar 1995Tohoku University (LL.B.)


  • Japanese Association for Business Recovery
  • Japanese Association of Turnaround Professionals
  • Japanese Federation of Insolvency Professionals