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Masaki Yamaguchi

Associate / Attorney at Law

Tokyo Office

Major Practice Areas
Corporate / Mergers & Acquisitions / Dispute Resolution / Risk Management and Compliance


Masaki Yamaguchi handles labor and employment law matters, including revising employment regulations and employment agreements, handling investigations and disciplinary actions relating to disputes with employees, and providing advice regarding risk avoidance concerning resignations and termination of employment.  Mr. Yamaguchi also provides support for a wide range of other corporate activities, including dispute resolution and drafting and reviewing contracts. 

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, a “new modern way of working” has become more widespread, which some people believe has resulted in a loss of loyalty towards employers for some workers.  This, combined with a shrinking workforce, has created a situation where employers must be more careful in dealing with their employees. 

As an attorney performing legal work for clients, Mr. Yamaguchi strives to provide accurate advice based on his assessment of the law.  The law, however, is only one guideline for solving problems.  As such, Mr. Yamaguchi believes it also important to consider measures that can be taken to build and restore trust between labor and management and to improve the workplace environment. 

Although labor and employment law is constantly evolving through statutory revisions and new case law, Mr. Yamaguchi keeps up with these changes regularly and is devoted to being a reliable, client-friendly advisor. 

Education & Professional Career

Feb 2023Joined Kitahama Partners
Dec 2017Graduated from the Legal Training and Research Institute of the Supreme Court of Japan; Admitted to practice in Japan; Joined Arai Sogo Law Office
Mar 2016Hitotsubashi University School of Law (J.D.)
Mar 2014Chuo University (LL.B.)