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Shinji Takakura

Associate / Attorney at Law

Fukuoka Office

Major Practice Areas
Corporate / Mergers & Acquisitions / Tax / Dispute Resolution
Certified Tax Accountant
Japanese / English


In addition to providing legal advice regarding routine matters and drafting and reviewing contracts (both in Japanese and English), Shinji Takakura handles a wide range of negotiation and litigation cases in a variety of fields, including labor and employment, real estate, and inheritance. 

Mr. Takakura also handles matters relating to mergers and acquisitions, corporate reorganization, and bankruptcy trustees, as well as criminal defense.  In recent years, he has also handled tax litigation involving disputes with respect to the legality of tax assessments, as well as responses to tax investigations. 

Even when a case appears at first to be legally unfavorable, taking a step further or analyzing the case from a different perspective can significantly change the course of negotiations and litigation.  In Mr. Takakura’s experience, it is often the case that a court can be persuaded by referring to historical documents or discovering favorable evidence, as well as through conducting extensive legal research.  As such, Mr. Takakura is always conscious of the importance of deep analysis and careful research.  

Mr. Takakura continues to work with clients to address their concerns and problems one at a time and does his utmost to provide thoughtful legal services backed by expertise. 

Education & Professional Career

Oct 2019Registered as a Certified Tax Accountant
Jan 2019Joined Kitahama Partners
Dec 2018Graduated from the Legal training and Research Institute of the Supreme Court of Japan; Admitted to practice in Japan
Mar 2017Kyoto University Law School (J.D.)
Mar 2015Kyushu University (LL.B.)