Yuto Yasuda (Osaka Office) joined Kitahama Partners.

I have joined Kitahama Partners after completing a three-year term with the final decision-making institution within Japan’s national tax organization (Tokyo National Tax Tribunal) as a Tax Tribunal Examiner. Prior to assuming such position in 2016, I engaged in numerous aspects of corporate law, focusing my practice as an attorney primarily on corporate litigation and M&A.

During my time with the Tokyo National Tax Tribunal, I was able to obtain a great deal of experience in the examination and hearing of appeals related to international tax (tax haven counter-measures in particular), consumption tax, withholding tax, taxation of financial instruments, as well as corporate tax.

I will apply my expertise with respect to the most recent tax disputes and will assist clients by providing specialized legal services related to tax disputes and/or tax investigations. In addition, I am able to provide other types of unique advice, including the perspectives of National Tax Agency personnel on issues related to tax law involving all types of corporate transactions, including M&A.

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