M&A/Corporate Restructuring

In M&A, various methods other than share transfers, mergers, or other forms of organizational restructuring are worthy of consideration, including tender offers (TOB), squeeze outs, and schemes involving private placement of new shares. At Kitahama, experienced attorneys give thorough consideration to the nature and risks of each case, and then propose optimal strategies and provide advice informed by a practical understanding of the situation.

Our specific services involve the adoption of structures where project teams assembled for each case provide continuous support, from the performance of due diligence on the company to be acquired, the preparation of and negotiations for agreements, and the closing procedures, to the handling of corporate merger restrictions under the Anti-Monopoly Law, disclosures under the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act etc., and disputes arising in connection with M&A transactions, such as assertions of share appraisal rights or petitions for pricing decisions.

In addition, to respond swiftly to the dizzying changes and developments that characterize business today, we provide effective support and solutions by clearly ascertaining our clients’ needs through close communication, considering such circumstances as the nature of the case, the size of the deal, and the time schedule, and cooperating closely with outside experts in each field.