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Daiki Kawahara

Associate / Attorney at Law

Osaka Office

Major Practice Areas
Construction/Architecture / Real Estate / Corporate / Dispute Resolution


Daiki Kawahara is an Associate attorney who specializes in the fields of construction and real estate law. These areas of Japanese law require specialized knowledge of real estate and construction issues, and there is a danger of grave consequences in the event a client relies on the advice of an inexperienced attorney in connection with such matters. Mr. Kawahara has extensive experience in handling various types of construction and real estate matters, including, but not limited to, disputes involving real estate transactions and building contracts (construction defects, additional construction, etc.) as well as disputes involving the leasing of real estate. Accordingly, Mr. Kawahara is capable of providing appropriate legal support ranging from routine to very serious legal issues involving real estate.

Education & Professional Career

• Representing a client in a lawsuit for construction defects (such as defective tiles, construction defects associated with condominium, etc.)
• Representing a client (both principal contractors/subcontractors) in a lawsuit demanding the payment of additional construction fees
• Seizure of real property, provisional disposition of real estate
• Handling legal issues related to low frequency noise-related claims
• Mediation (ADR) before the Housing Dispute Review Board
• Mediation (ADR) before the Central Construction Work Dispute Review Board
• Use of the Japanese Land Registration System
• Review of contracts
• Corporate legal affairs, general civil affairs, criminal cases, and other matters

Jan 2017Joined Kitahama Partners
Dec 2016Graduated from the Legal Training and Research Institute of the Supreme Court of Japan; Admitted to practice in Japan
Mar 2015Osaka University (LL.B.)