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Hiroshi Morimoto

Partner / Attorney at Law / Representative of Kitahama Partners and CEO of Kitahama Group

Osaka Office

Major Practice Areas
Corporate / Risk Management and Compliance / Employment and Labor / Real Estate / Restructuring and Insolvency
Other Practice Areas
Business Succession / Dispute Resolution


Hiroshi Morimoto consults on a daily basis with a wide range of clients, mainly as advisory counsel, and seeks to provide, to the greatest extent possible, practical advice, not just from a legal perspective, but from a business perspective, as well.  In addition, Mr. Morimoto has handled many large-scale insolvency cases, including international cases, and he takes advantage of the knowledge gained in those cases in advising his other clients.  Mr. Morimoto also serves as an outside corporate director, and he strives each day to provide value to companies by utilizing his extensive knowledge and experience. 

As the representative of the firm, Mr. Morimoto works hard to operate a large organization in a rational manner and also help serve clients by accurately grasping their needs and forming a team within the firm to meet those needs. 

Work Highlights

  • Formulated and executed a scheduled liquidation program for a company which imports raw materials and processes them in Japan
  • Handling by a parent company of compliance violations committed by directors of a U.S. subsidiary
  • Disputes relating to settlement amount among corporations formed by joint venture
  • Disputes relating to the ownership of unlisted enterprises in the course of business succession
  • Execution of inheritance tax strategies and business succession of a corporation in the course of business succession based upon company split

Education & Professional Career

2013 – PresentAssumed the position of the representative and the CEO of Kitahama Partners Group
2008 – PresentKitahama Partners, Representative Partner
1992 – PresentKitahama Partners, Partner
1987Graduated from the Legal Training and Research Institute of the Supreme Court of Japan; Admitted to practice in Japan; Joined Kitahama Partners
1985Waseda University (LL.B.)

Other Activities

2010Vice President, Osaka Bar Association
2009Executive Director, Kinki Federation of Bar Associations
2004 – 2005, 2010 – 2011Director, Kinki Federation of Bar Associations
2023Executive Governor, Japan Federation of Bar Associations
  • Outside Auditor, Japan Cash Machine Co., Ltd. (listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange)
  • Outside Auditor, IwaiCosmo Holdings, Inc.
  • Auditor, Showa Education Foundation