Katsusuke Amano

Partner / Attorney at Law

Osaka Office

Major Practice Areas
Corporate / Risk Management and Compliance / Restructuring and Insolvency / Dispute Resolution
Other Practice Areas
Real Estate / Insurance / Administrative Law


The year 2019 marks Katsusuke Amano’s 41st year since he was certified as an attorney.

Ordinarily, Mr. Amano serves his clients by providing legal support and advice on business management, and represents them in litigation and similar matters. In recent years, clients are facing cutting-edge legal problems; therefore, he manages and promptly assigns other attorneys within the firm who have knowledge and expertise in these areas to handle such problems.

Since December 2011, Mr. Amano had been serving as a reorganization trustee for a corporation (major subcontractor of heavy equipment engineering) working toward business reorganization under the Reorganization and Rehabilitation Act with the assistance of several trustee representatives (attorneys), and managing the company along with business owner trustees (i.e., rehabilitation trustees), as well as approximately 300 employees to execute the approved reorganization plan. The reorganization procedures were successfully completed in January 2019 by making advance repayment two years and eight months earlier than the originally approved reorganization plan.

Mr. Amano has been serving as an outside auditor for listed enterprises as well as unlisted enterprises striving to establish better corporate governance.

Recent Cases

  • Outside director (for listed enterprises)
  • Provision of guidance for shareholders’ meetings (for listed enterprises)
  • Independent Committee member for establishment of TOB targeted companies
  • Member of Special Committee for Anti-Takeover Defenses
  • Member of Independent Committee for Investigation of Corporate Scandals
  • Member of Clinical Research Ethics Review Committee of pharmaceutical companies
  • Reorganization trustee (for logistic companies)
  • Attorney filing a petition for corporate rehabilitation (for credit card companies, general contractors)
  • Bankruptcy trustee (for a number of consumer finance providers, debtors, etc.)
  • Bankruptcy trustee (for a number of dealers of kimono fabrics, consumers, etc.)
  • Attorney filing petition for bankruptcy of a religious corporation
  • Attorney filing petition for civil rehabilitation (transport industry)
  • Civil rehabilitation supervisor
  • Internal reporting contact office (listed enterprise groups)

Education & Professional Career

1985 – PresentKitahama Partners, Partner
1983Joined Kitahama Partners
1978Graduated from the Legal Training and Research Institute of the Supreme Court of Japan; Admitted to practice in Japan; Joined Tamura Tokuo Law Office
1976Kyoto University (LL.B.)

Other Activities

2011 – 2014Member, Examination Committee for Comprehensive Evaluation on Construction Work, etc. of Osaka Prefecture (formerly, Comprehensive Evaluation Committee on Construction Work, etc. of Osaka Prefecture)
2007 – 2011Member, The Osaka Third-Party Committee to Check Pension Records
Apr 2007 – Mar 2008Visiting Professor, Kyoto University
Apr 2005 – Mar 2009Adjunct Professor, Kyoto University Law School
Apr 2004 – Mar 2005Visiting Professor, Kyoto University
2001Vice President, Osaka Bar Association