Major Practice Areas
Restructuring and Insolvency / Mergers & Acquisitions / Finance / Corporate / Real Estate
Other Practice Areas
Risk Management and Compliance / Trading Companies / Dispute Resolution / Insurance


Wataru Nakamori handles an extensive variety of legal matters, ranging from his specialty, which is finance, mergers and acquisitions, and business rehabilitation, to general corporate affairs (with a particular focus on real estate and risk management, including dealing with organized crime and other anti-social forces). Mr. Nakamori continues to improve his standing by participating in a variety of academic societies and research organizations, and he also actively provides lectures and seminars, teaches law students, writes articles and books, and participates in bar association activities. Mr. Nakamori offers clients the best solutions and continuously strives to implement them through both his legal practice and also by utilizing such extensive activities and experience.

Work Highlights

  • Attorney for debtor, supervisor, or examiner in cases of legal liquidation (corporate reorganization and civil rehabilitation) and winding-up (ADR for business rehabilitation, the use of SME Business Rehabilitation Support Co-operative, special mediation, etc.) of commercial facility operating companies, golf course operating companies, transportation companies, maintenance companies, manufacturing companies, medical corporations, semi-public corporations, etc.
  • Legal counsel, formation and analysis of structures, documentation, etc. in connection with asset securitization, trusts, private funds, equity financing, mezzanine financing, M&A financing, etc.
  • Reorganization (M&A) of listed companies and small and medium-sized companies, privatization of Osaka Metro, integration of Osaka Prefecture University and Osaka City University, etc.

Education & Professional Career

2008 – PresentKitahama Partners, Representative Partner
2002 – PresentKitahama Partners, Partner
1995Graduated from the Legal Training and Research Institute of the Supreme Court of Japan; Admitted to practice in Japan; Joined Kitahama Partners
1991Kyoto University (LL.B.)

Other Activities

2023 – Present Statutory Auditor, Academia-Launched Bio and Healthcare Venture Association
2023 – Present Advisor, Biocommunity Kansai (BiocK)
2023 – Present Executive Director, Japanese Association for Business Recovery
2022 – Present Member, Building Review Council of Ashiya City
2021 – PresentAuditor Secretary, Institute of Innovative Medical Technology
2021 – 2023 Representative Facilitator, Insolvency Law Practice Study Group, Osaka Bar Association
2019 – Present Ordinary and Executive Committee Member, Japanese Association of Turnaround Professionals
2017 – 2018Vice President, Osaka Bar Association
2015 – 2020Representative, Japan Federation of Bar Associations; Director, Kinki Federation of Bar Associations; Permanent Member, Osaka Bar Association
2015 – 2017Vice Chairperson, Legal Training Committee, Osaka Bar Association
2014 – 2016Adjunct Professor, Kyoto University Law School (Insolvency Law)
2012 – PresentMember, Review Committee on Insolvency Law, etc., Japan Federation of Bar Associations (2013-2020, Vice Chairperson)
2012 – PresentDirector, National Network of Insolvency Attorneys
2011 – 2012Vice Chairperson, Legal Training Committee, Osaka Bar Association
2010 – 2017Vice Chairperson, Judicial System Committee, Osaka Bar Association (in charge of Insolvency Law Division)
2009 – 2023Adjunct Professor, Osaka University of Economics, Graduate School (Trust Law)
2008Member, Research Committee on Facilitation of Business Succession of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises by Using Trusts, Small and Medium Enterprise Agencies
2007 – 2008Vice Chairperson, Committee on Measures against Organized Crime and Unauthorized Practice of Law Committee, Osaka Bar Association
2006 – PresentAuditor, Saito Bio Hills Club (currently general incorporated association)
2006 – 2012Counselor, Osaka Prefectural Center for the Elimination of Anti-Social Forces
2005Visiting Professor, Osaka University, the Center for Advanced Medical Engineering and Informatics (Intellectual Property Law)
2004 – PresentAuditor, NPO BioGrid Center Kansai
2003 – 2005Vice Chairperson, Committee on Measures against Organized Crime and Unauthorized Practice of Law Committee, Osaka Bar Association
2002 – 2017Adjunct Professor, Osaka Prefecture University Graduate School of Economics (Corporate / M&A Law)


  • Japan Association of the Law of Finance
  • Japan Association of the Law of Trusts
  • Japan Association of the Law of Civil Procedure
  • Japanese Association of Turn-Around Professionals
  • National Network of Insolvency Attorneys
  • Japanese Association for Business Recovery