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Yasuhiko Okada

Partner / Attorney at Law

Tokyo Office

Major Practice Areas
Tax / Environment / Securities / Renewable Energy


Yasuhiko Okada has extensive experience in government administration as well as legislation. For example, he has held numerous high-level and complex positions, including serving as a National Tax Examiner to conduct tax inspections, serving as a Tax Office Superintendent to impose taxation, and serving as Chief of the Taxation Administration Agency to secure impartiality in taxation. He was also involved in legislation relating to tariffs, financing, securities, and environmental issues. Based upon such experience, he excels at resolving clients’ issues by taking into consideration the intent of his clients and also by looking retrospectively into the legislative intent of the relevant laws. Such analysis takes time and effort; however, it can be extremely effective when dealing with difficult tax issues, as well as in dealing with the relevant authorities with regard to environmental issues which are subject to different rules and regulations.

Furthermore, Mr. Okada is familiar with practical aspects of business management, since he had been serving as an outside director of several listed companies, as well as on an independent committee on takeover defenses for years.

Work Highlights

  • Major tax evasion cases
  • Industrial waste disposal cases involving large corporations

Education & Professional Career

Jan 2012Admitted to practice in Japan; Joined Kitahama Partners
Jun 2003Director of National Association of Labor Banks; Director of the Rokinren Bank
Feb 2001Vice President of Japan Housing Finance Agency (formerly Government Housing Loan Corporation)
Jul 1999Administrative Vice Minister of Environment
Jan 1998Planning and Coordination Bureau Chief, Ministry of the Environment
Jul 1996Deputy Vice Minister for the Minister of the Environment, Ministry of the Environment
May 1995Executive Bureau Chief of Securities and Exchange Surveillance Commission
Jul 1994Chief of the Tokyo Regional Taxation Bureau
Jul 1993Director of the Financial Inspection Department, Minister’s Secretariat, Ministry of Finance
Jun 1991Director-General of the Yokohama Customs Bureau
Jun 1988Director of the Legal Division, Budget Bureau, Ministry of Finance
Jun 1986Budget Examiner (in charge of defense budget), Budget Bureau, Ministry of Finance
Jun 1983Director of the Budget Division, General Affairs Department, Japan Tabacco Inc. (formerly Japan Tobacco and Salt Public Corporation)
Jul 1981Planning and Development Division Director, Kumamoto Prefectural Government
Jul 1971Chief of the Hachinohe Tax Office
Apr 1966Entered the Ministry of Finance
Mar 1966The University of Tokyo (LL.B.)

Other Activities

  • Member of Environmental Protection Committee, The Dai-ichi Tokyo Bar Association
  • Member of Expert Committee on Environmental Law, Japan CSR Promotion Association